Welcome to In the Raw!

In the Raw is a deli that doesn’t just make our customers full because we also look out for their health. Aside from enjoying a sumptuous meal with In the Raw, you can also learn a lot of things. We also provide the health benefits of each meal we serve. In the Raw is dedicated to giving you:

100% Organic Ingredients
Vegetable Gourmet Meals
Freshly made Juices
Wide variety of Smoothies
Enticing raw dishes
Health benefits of each meal
Events to keep you entertained
And a lot more

smoothie-1In the Raw is a deli that has been around for years providing healthy foods on your plate. You can enjoy our food in our relaxing place, or you can have it for take-out and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. We also keep on innovating new dishes that will also entice the taste buds of children who don’t want to eat veggies.

With In the Raw deli, you can also find the best quality of organic chia seeds that we use for some of our smoothies to give you more protein dosage and not just quench your thirst. You can also purchase some of the organic ingredients that we use over the counter. We are also one of the few delicatessens where you can see that your order is being made right in front of you.

We are proud to say that In the Raw is the first ever all organic delicatessen in New York. We set a high standard in giving customers 100% organic food that is not just healthy but also budget-friendly. In the Raw is not just a place for the elite. We see to it that our menu has an affordable price so more people can benefit from the healthy dishes that we prepare.