About Us

Welcome to In the Raw!

logoIn the Raw is an organic vegetarian deli based in upstate New York. It is a haven for all juice and smoothie lovers out there. In the Raw deli can provide you the healthiest and the best tasting smoothies you can ever taste. We are proud to say that all the products are prepared carefully. We are an advocate of having a healthy living. We make sure that all the ingredients we have are all organic. The fruits and vegetables we provide are all free from pesticides.

In the Raw promotes the health benefits that you can get if you go all organic diet. It is a fact that vegetables are good for health and it will surely keep us physically fit. We are also determined to spread awareness of the health benefits that raw foods can give you. We serve dishes that are full of nutrients and no added artificial ingredients.

In the Raw wants our customers to enjoy eating food without being guilty that they are eating something that is not right for their body. If you are also looking for the best smoothie in the world, you just have to drive upstate in New York. Once you get to taste of what we can offer, you will never look anywhere else again.

Have a guilt-free eating spree with In the Raw deli!