3 Reasons Why Drinking and Eating Organic Foods Should be a Priority

We’ve all heard that eating and drinking organic foods are good for us. There are a lot of reasons why it is being advised. It’s true that we should prioritize eating things that are organic rather than those foods that are genetically engineered. I will give you the top three reasons why we should always go for something organic.

1. Stop the Chemical Intake


Do you know that with every bite of food, we intake a lot of chemicals in our body? Yes, that is true. Unless you are eating 100% organic, then you must have eaten hundreds of chemicals every day over the years. The crops that are commercially farmed contains a lot of toxins that can harm our body in the long run.

2. Nutrients


The foods that are grown organically have more minerals, nutrients, and vitamins than the ones that are commercially grown. The more nutrients food has, means the more essential nutrients our body can absorb. If our body can receive more minerals, our health can benefit a lot. Aside from that, organic food is a lot tastier. If you are so used to eating commercially grown or farmed foods, try preparing an organic meal alongside the usual food you eat. Taste both of the meals you made, and you can easily find the big difference.

3. Say no to Antibiotics


We all know that pesticides are not good for our body yet we continue to eat commercially bred dairy products. The antibiotics and other harmful substance that can be found on pigs, chickens, and even eggs do not subside when you cook it. The toxins are still on it, and once we eat it, we also intake those harmful substances, and it is not good for our well-being.

We should always choose to eat and drink something organic or natural. We are keeping ourselves safe as well as the people who are dear to us. If those commercially grown and bred food products are bad for us, what more to children who will also eat the food?

Have you ever wondered why the people who lived years before us have a longer life span? It is due to the food they eat. Way back, toxins, chemicals, and pesticides are not being used to grow crops and breed animals. Everything is just natural. If you can notice, the life span these days keeps on dropping. We should be alarmed about that and start thinking what we can do to stop the huge drop in our life span.

We should all prioritize eating and drinking organic foods because people who do are less prone to being sick. We get a big boost in our immune system through all the nutrients we can get from organic foods. It is in our best interest if we will start incorporating a 100% natural diet in our lifestyle. We should not wait for the effects of those toxins in our body before we switch to organic foods. We should start now and live a healthy life.

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